The Lexington Commons Association is in Northville, Michigan and is composed of houses and condominiums in three geographical areas.

The area south of Eight Mile Road is located in Wayne County.  It has sixty two houses and a seven acre park.  This “South Commons Park” has an asphalt path, basketball pad, baseball diamond and a play area.  (This was the first phase of this development, which started in 1969.)

The other two areas are located north of Eight Mile Road, in Oakland County.  The area east of Taft Road (at the round about on Taft) has forty-eight houses.  The area west of Taft Road (at the round about on Taft) has fifty-two houses.

The area west of Taft Road, between eight mile road on the round about holds two condominium complexes:  Lexington Condominium Homes and North Lexington Condominiums.  Each condominium complex operates under is own Board of Directors and both condominium complexes are also part of the Lexington Commons Association.  The Lexington Condominiums have ninety-seven units (and a clubhouse with an outdoor swimming pool).  The North Lexington Condominiums have ninety-five units.

This area also holds our thirteen acre park.  This “North Park” has a large asphalt path and three play areas.

The Lexington Commons Association manages the affairs of our Association, which is comprised of the residents of the owners of the Houses in Lexington Commons (South, East and West) and both of the two Condo Associations:  North Lexington Condominiums and Lexington Condominium Homes Association.


This website is designed to function as a facilitator of communication by and between the Association Members and its Board of Directors.

Residents of our association are strongly encouraged to join our email list, where we provide information regarding:

  • Monthly Board Meetings
  • Annual Member Meetings
  • Special Events

Also here, we’d like to provide a forum for Association Members to

  • Provide suggestions and feedback to the Board of Directors
  • Make requests of the Board of Directors, on behalf of the Association Members
  • Have open dialogue to discuss new, current, or ongoing issues of importance to our Members.

We are all neighbors in this Association; we all live within blocks of each other.  So, although this website “officially” represents the Association — it is truly for our neighborhood.

Together, we can enhance our association, our community, our neighborhood.

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corrieml January 6, 2011 at 5:47 am

Just a note to make everyone aware of the rise in crime in our community. News 4 broadcast a vehicle breakin in the 8 Mile and Taft area last night 01/05/2011. Thieves are accessing the vehicles thru the sun roof. I’ve heard of a home burgulary in North Lexington Condos and tires being stolen from large SUV’s. Please report car alarms and suspiceous behavior to the Northville Police Department. We need a community watch program.